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Dangerous Kilimanjaro Success Rates

Recently an outfitter put out a press release about their 95% success rate in getting clients to the summit.  I have to say, my initial reaction was not positive.  When outfitters promote a success rate as the biggest reason to book with them people start getting summit fever and stop thinking about what’s really important, […]

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3 Times failure might be your best option

I frequently talk to business audiences about climbing Kilimanjaro and the lessons it taught me.  One of the big lessons I learned is about the value of failure and that sometimes failure might actually be the best option.  I like to ask my business audiences what they think about that and if failure is an […]

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Going too far: life and death in the mountains

Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately and infrequent with  my blog posts.  One reason is that I’ve been working on our Happy Birthday Tanzania campaign to help the country celebrate their 50 years of independence (please check it out and register to win cool Columbia gear).  But the other reason is that I’ve been on […]

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4 Dangerous Ways to Save Money on Kilimanjaro

At first I was thrilled to see  USA Today doing a piece on climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.  However, as I read the article about saving money while climbing Kilimanjaro, I was not only unimpressed, I was downright concerned.   Climbing Kilimanjaro isn’t cheap.  But there is a fine line between saving money and risking your safety.  And, […]

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Tough Decisions

Last week I went to California to do a book tour of the Bay Area REI stores. But I couldn’t just go to northern California without stopping in at one of my favorite spots on the planet, Yosemite. So I flew in a few days early and my friend Stephen and I headed up to […]

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Martina and the Mountain

Last week  Martina Navratilova talked about her attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and the challenges that forced her to turn back.  She had decided to climb the mountain in an attempt to raise funds and awareness for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.  But after months of training, and even a hike up the Bank […]

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Drugs on the Mountain, Do They Help?

Climbing Kilimanjaro can put you at higher risk of altitude sickness. But there are a few things you can do to mitigate the risks and ensure you enjoy the climb every step of the way.

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Helping Kilimanjaro Porters

Rainier Mountaineering Inc and the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project have partnered to get 10,000 pieces of mountain clothing and gear to help protect Kilimanjaro’s porters while helping clients on Africa’s tallest peak.

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Too old for Kilimanjaro?

You’re never too old to do something extraordinary. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro was possible for an 82 year old man from the UK, it was possible for my friend’s 73 year old father, and it’s possible for Bill Clinton. If they can do it, why not you?

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Avoid Rainy Season on Kilimanjaro

A recent post about when to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro has me questioning when really is the best time to try to reach the top of the African continent.    The author suggests that really any time is fine, even the rainy season. “April to May is rainy season and most people avoid trekking in such a […]

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Deadly Western Breach

A recent blog from a Mountain Maddness climber talks about the difficulty of ascending via the Western Breach and the pitfalls of loose rock. We hear a lot about the dangers of altitude sickness, but one of the biggest problems on the Western Breach Route can be rock fall. I had a group of three […]

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Kilimanjaro water unsafe?

A recent backpacker returned from Kilimanjaro with water samples to test how well it was being filtered and treated on the mountain. In this case, the answer is not well at all! As a result a number of climbers became ill. While I’m only aware of a few cases where climbers got sick on the […]

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Kilimanjaro the most dangerous mountain?

Thanks to the Adventure Blog for bringing this one to our attention in a recent post. A recent report posted on grough website highlights a number of risks that make Kilimanjaro “one of the most dangerous mountains in the world.” According to Dr Windsor, a UK member of the commission advising the Union Internationale des […]

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