Inspiraton from Tanzania

Tanzanian olympian John Stephen Ahkwari

Tanzanian Olympian John Stephen Ahkwari doesn't win a medal, but inspires us all.  Check out the video of his race finish.

I just recently heard the story of Tanzanian Olympic marathon running John Stephen Ahkwari.  While competing in the 1968 marathon he fell early in the race and was injured, ending any hopes you might have of winning.  After his leg was bandaged he stood up and continued to limp along the race route.  After all the other contestants had completed the race in the Olympic stadium the marathon was officially over and the track was opened up for other races. But Ahkwari didn't give up.  He continued to struggle on well after the race was over.  He arrived at the stadium over an hour after it had ended, but the attendees were inspired by Ahkwari.  The track was closed down and Ahkwari limped by thousands of cheering fans. When asked why Ahkwari continued on well after the race was over he responded.   “You don’t understand.  My country did not send me 5,000 miles to start a race, they sent me to finish it.” What would you do if this happened to you?  I've been inspired by this story and think of it often.  When we fall down, Ahkwari reminds us that the real victory is just to get back up and keep going.  Winning is optional, but finishing is mandatory.  It reminds me
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