Moshi Orphans

Amani Children's Home

Amani Children's Home LogoIn the developing world, children are often the hardest hit. Many have lost parents to HIV/AIDS or have been abandoned by families who simply couldn’t care for them. The Amani Children's Home is a grassroots Tanzanian charity that rescues street children and orphans from homelessness and restores hope in their lives.

Since its founding by local Tanzanians in 2001, Amani Children's Home has rescued over 290 children from the perils of life on the streets. Amani tries to help these affected children by offering them a safe home, attempting to reunite them with their families, and offering them a variety of educational opportunities.

You can visit Amani and join any one of their major programs.

Street Education: A full-time "street educator" meets children who are living on the streets of Moshi and the nearby city of Arusha, befriends them, and counsels them to come to Amani.

Education: All kids are taught basic reading, writing, and math skills in-house every morning by Amani staff and volunteers.

Health: Simple illnesses and injuries are treated at the home itself, and for more serious problems children are brought to local clinics and hospitals.

Upendo ("Love") Program: To ensure that the children receive intentional, personal talk time with the staff, every Saturday afternoon the children meet in their "Upendo" small groups, which consist of three or four children being led in discussion by a staff member. Since most foreigners are still an “oddity” in Tanzania, a visit from you would be as effective as if Angelia Jolie came. It’s a chance to connect with the local children and lift them up emotionally, spiritually, physically and/or financially.