A visa is required to enter Tanzania. The cost for a single entry, tourist visa is about $100 per person, good for six months. It's best to obtain your visa before you arrive, but you can also get one at the airport. Kilimanjaro Landscape

How to Obtain a Visa

The process for getting a visa is simple. You can complete the visa application form or you can visit the Tanzanian Embassy, where you can get more details or even stop by in person. If you mail in your application, you will need to send your passport, a recent passport photo, and a money order. Personal checks are not accepted. Go to a local grocery store or a place where you can get the money order cheaper than at a bank. It will take about 3 working days for the embassy to process your request. We recommend sending your application and passport via Priority Mail with a stamped, self addressed Priority Mail envelope enclosed. If you choose to get your visa at the airport you'll need US$100 cash and your completed application form. Theoretically you also need your Yellow Fever Inoculation Card but we've never actually heard of  anyone being asked for this.  Once you get off the plane go right to the Visa by the passport control area. Once your visa has been processed you can go right to the baggage area. You do not need to wait on line for passport control.