No Shortcuts to the Top

kilimanjaro guideThe other day I was running during my lunch break.  I was trying to get lost in my music and feeling rushed to get back to work on time.  In other words, I wasn't really paying attention to what I was doing.  As I came up to a turn I cut across the parking lot on the corner (instead of following the sidewalk all the way around) and continued on my way.  No big deal right?  I just cut one small corner along a much longer route. But as I got back on the sidewalk and continued along my run I realize what I had done.  As small as it was, I had taken a short-cut.  It make me think of Ed Viestures autobiography titled No Shortcuts to the Top where he shared what it took for him to climb all of the 14,000M+ peaks on the planet without supplemental oxygen.  In fact, he was the first American to ever do that. But back to my run, and my minor shortcut.  Sure, I only cut about a hundred yards off my entire run.  But I realized that wasn't the point.  I was practicing taking short cuts.  I was focusing more on completing my run quickly than having the best run I could, pushing myself the best I could.   And for those of us who want to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro or any other big mountain in our life, that's the wrong attitude. Have you been taking shortcuts?  Do you find yourself more interested in getting something done than doing it with excellence?  If we take short cuts in the small things in our lives, we are building a habit that is bound to carry over in the big things in our lives as well.   So next time, take the long way around.
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