If you're going to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro, you need to add a few days for a wildlife safari.  When are you going to be back in Africa?  These parks are amazing.  Imagine staring at a full grown male lion only 3 feet away or watching a cheetah scan the savanna for prey.  Elephants, giraffe, wildebeest...the list goes on.  This is definitely NOT the zoo.  These animals are wild, powerful, and they know it.   It's best to do a multiple-day, multiple-park safari since each game park is unique, offering different ecosystems, animals and birds. Giraffe Family

One Day Safari

If you have only one day to do a safari, we recommend going to Arusha National Park. This is the closest park to Moshi and Arusha and has a wide variety of animals.

Two to Three Days

If you don't have quite that much time, Ngorongoro Crater is probably the next best option. The small community of the crater floor is very diverse and will give you a glimpse of all the Big Five.

Four Days or More

If you have at least 4 days, you definitely need to get to the Serengeti. This is where you can really see it all. The circle of life is never more evident than here. Got more time?  Check out our Suggested Itineraries page for some suggestions.