The Big 5

For many people, the safari is all about the Big 5: buffalo, elephants, leopards, lions and rhinos. Some of these animals are easier to find than others. If these 5 really are your goal read on about some of the best times and locations to find each. Buffalo, elephants and lions are pretty common in most parks. But you’ll have to work a lot harder if you want to spot a leopard or rhino.


BuffaloThe African or Cape Buffalo is common throughout the Tanzanian game parks. The horns of an adult male are massive and can easily kill a lion if one gets too close. Buffalos are aggressive and can move quickly. It takes several lions in a coordinated attack to defeat a buffalo. Read More »


The African elephant is the largest land animal in the world. A mature male can weigh up to six tons and reach 13 feet in height! Elephants live in groups of 10 - 20 members, consisting of females and calves. The male, bull elephants live alone or in bachelor groups. Their average life span is about 65 years. Read More »


leopardLeopards are often confused with cheetah. Although both are spotted, the leopards spots are in clusters while the cheetah has single, solid spots. Also, the cheetah have a distinctive black line down their faces that is perhaps the easiest way to differentiate between the two. Read More »


Male LionWho doesn't want to see a lion? These magnificent animals are beautiful and fierce, commanding the respect of humans and animals alike. They live in prides of up to 30 members, with the lionesses doing most of the hunting while the males protect the pride and its territory. They normally prey upon wildebeest, zebras and water buffalo. Read More »


RhinoDue to heavy poaching, the rhinoceros has become scarce. Their horns are in demand in Asia as an aphrodisiac and in some Arab countries as a handle for daggers. Rhinos are solitary animals that only socialize during the mating season. They are territorial and extremely aggressive. Read More »