male lion eating wildebeest Lioness checks out safari groupLions in the wild are both powerful and graceful.  If you thought you've seen lions in the zoo, think again.   Watching them saunter across the prairie, commanding respect from man and animal alike is a site to behold.  The best place to see lions in large numbers is the Serengeti. In the Seronera area, it's possible to see prides of 20 plus members lying nearby. During the wildebeest migration, lions will be hanging around the perimeter, waiting for an opportunity to attack.  But during the drier months when the wildebeest herds have gone north you'll find prides lounging around watering holes during the day and hunting at dusk and dawn. Ngorongoro Crater also has a large number of resident lions. If you want to see the tree-climbing lions, Lake Manyara is the place to go. No one knows for sure why the lions climb acacia trees in this park, but it is worth it if you're lucky enough to see one.