Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara and the Great Rift Wall

Set magnificently between the western wall of the Great Rift Valley and Lake Manyara, this park is a hidden jewel that many tourists overlook. Lake Manyara offers the visitor a chance to see animals in a variety of habitats: groundwater forest, marshes, acacia woodlands and open savannas.

Hundreds of species of birds can be seen here, especially between November and June when many birds migrate from Europe and Asia. Manyara is famous for it's water birds such as flamingoes, pelicans, herons, storks, egrets and cranes.

Of course birds are not the only attraction at Manyara. It's also famous for it's tree-climbing lions, who occasionally can be seen lying on the branches of an acacia tree. Other animals you're sure to spot are: elephants, giraffes, zebra, buffalo, wildebeest, hippos and baboons.

Small But Diverse

Manyara is the perfect starting point for your multiple-day safari. It's small enough and diverse enough to give you a great introduction to the rich beauty of Tanzania's parks, and only a few short hours from Moshi.