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Kilimanjaro Summit Attire

Recently, someone who read about my difficult Kilimanjaro climb in Kissing Kilimanjaro: Leaving it All on Top of Africa posted a question on Facebook about what to wear for the summit ascent. If you’ve read the book your know that on my first summit attempt I didn’t wear enough and ended up with hypothermia, in […]

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5 Ways to Save on Climbing Kilimanjaro

Every time I do a Kilimanjaro presentation people ask about how much it costs and how they might save some money.  So here are a few suggestions I’ve come up with over the years and after my own research. 1.  Fly with Ethiopian or South African Air These days the biggest expense is definitely the […]

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4 Dangerous Ways to Save Money on Kilimanjaro

At first I was thrilled to see  USA Today doing a piece on climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.  However, as I read the article about saving money while climbing Kilimanjaro, I was not only unimpressed, I was downright concerned.   Climbing Kilimanjaro isn’t cheap.  But there is a fine line between saving money and risking your safety.  And, […]

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Tough Decisions

Last week I went to California to do a book tour of the Bay Area REI stores. But I couldn’t just go to northern California without stopping in at one of my favorite spots on the planet, Yosemite. So I flew in a few days early and my friend Stephen and I headed up to […]

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Helping Kilimanjaro Porters

Rainier Mountaineering Inc and the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project have partnered to get 10,000 pieces of mountain clothing and gear to help protect Kilimanjaro’s porters while helping clients on Africa’s tallest peak.

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Avoid Rainy Season on Kilimanjaro

A recent post about when to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro has me questioning when really is the best time to try to reach the top of the African continent.    The author suggests that really any time is fine, even the rainy season. “April to May is rainy season and most people avoid trekking in such a […]

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Equipment & Gear

Find out what types of equipment and gear other climbers prefer to get up Kilimanjaro.

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Good packing suggestions

Africafreak offers some good ideas to consider when packing for your climb. I particularly like his points about how to pick out boots and some of the key features. As you may remember, I’ve been ranting that boots are probably the most important piece of equipment you’ll take to Kilimanjaro. Socks also go in this […]

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The best jacket to climb Kilimanjaro?

Outside Magazine’s own gear girl suggests taking a look at the newly invigorated Eddie Bauer line with their First Ascent jacket. She also introduces Westcomb Cruiser, a company I’m not personally familiar with.A good shell jacket is critical on Kilimanjaro. As I’ve pointed out before, temperatures fluctuate greatly on a daily basis. In the morning […]

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Renting gear to climb Kilimanjaro

I’ve had a lot of customers ask about renting equipment for climbing Kilimanjaro. Some simply need a warm sleeping bag while other are looking for a full outfit including jackets and boots. My advice to the latter group is always the same, bring your own personal gear.Hiking 10+ miles per day, sleeping at over 10,000 […]

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2nd most important equipment

After my last post about the importance of boots I was reminded about another critical piece of equipment. On our last climb my friend Mike neglected to put on sunscreen or lip protection. By the end of the day his face was a deep shade of crimson; a bit painful but easy enough to live […]

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Your most important equipment

I recently took a week’s vacation to backpack the trans-Zion trail and visit Bryce National Park (both were amazing). I tried to cut my pack weight down to the bare minimum and spent a lot of time thinking about what gear was nice, necessary or critical. I came to the conclusion that the most critical […]

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Skimping on gear for the mountain

I have been catching up on a few blogs I follow and came across Kristin Hostetter’s advice about which gear to skimp on. She suggests that if you need to skimp somewhere, go with a cheaper with a sleeping bag. Not only is this good advice for your regular backpacking trips, I think it applies […]

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