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Yellowstone: The Serengeti of North America

When you go to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro, it’s almost a requirement to visit the Serengeti; which I did and was blown away.  So I was a bit surprised as I was researching for my big camping trip to Yellowstone to learn that some call it the “Serengeti of North America.” Really, the Serengeti? I’ve been […]

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East Africans are so “out of touch”

On a recent flight I overheard a gentleman seated behind me talking about some volunteer work he did in Kenya.  His church sponsors work to build wells in rural locations.  This is a worthy project and one I’m passionate about myself, with most deaths in the developing world a result of poor water sources. But […]

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Kilimanjaro – What does the name really mean?

Over the years Kilimanjaro has become synonymous with exotic adventure. Yet, surprisingly, the powerful name has no agreed-on translation. In the local Chagga dialect it can mean “Mountain of Greatness” or even “Mountain of Caravans.” In Swahili, Kilimanjaro might be “Shining Mountain,” “Mountain of the Cold Devils,” or even the unlikely “Little Mountain.” The nearby […]

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5 Ways Tanzania Changed My Life

Several years ago I flew off to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and try to impress a beautiful woman. In the end I failed to reach the summit, but I did impress the woman enough for her to marry me. It’s been years since my first visit to Tanzania and I long ago reached Uhuru […]

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Help Tanzania Celebrate 50 Years of Independence

Tanzania turns 50 this year. Share your story with the people and President of Tanzania. Thousands of people like you and I have visited Tanzania over the last 50 years.  We each have our own stories about climbing Kilimanjaro, wildlife safaris and experiencing this beautiful culture.  On Dec. 9th 2011 Tanzania will celebrate 50 years […]

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Tanzania Culture Club

I have to be honest here.  I love Tanzania culture.  Every time I go I get this feeling of coming home after a long time away.  The warmth of the welcome, the breadth of the smiles I see on people faces always seems to amaze me.   Tanzanian culture combines the warmth you might expect from […]

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Kilimanjaro Culture Club

The last time I visited Kilimanjaro and the people of Tanzania it felt like coming home after a very long absence. I felt their warm embrace and laughed with them as we caught up. But there has always been one part of the East African culture that has eluded me, the begging and solicitations. Tanzania […]

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New Kilimanjaro Book

The book is finally here! The Mountaineer Books has published my adventure travel narrative Kissing Kilimanjaro: Leaving it All on Top of Africa. It’s an inspirational and sometimes humorous account of what it took an ordinary guy to reach the top of the African continent.

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the Serengeti is in Danger!

The Serengeti is in danger from an approved highway project in Tanzania. What should you do about it? Help Tanzania grow their economy in a sustainable way.

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Inspiraton from Tanzania

I just recently heard the story of Tanzanian Olympic marathon running John Stephen Ahkwari.  While competing in the 1968 marathon he fell early in the race and was injured, ending any hopes you might have of winning.  After his leg was bandaged he stood up and continued to limp along the race route.  After all […]

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