Kilimanjaro – Follow your dreams to the top of Africa

I dreamed of running a marathon for years. But it wasn't until my brother asked me to join him that I finally took action

We all have dreams.  And many of us have those dreams we've been nurturing for years, just waiting for the right moment or excuse to take action and go for it.  That's what Kilimanjaro was like for me.  I had dreamed about climbing Kilimanjaro for years before I finally got off my butt and went.  Those of you who read my book Kissing Kilimanjaro: Leaving it All on Top of Africa know it was my girlfriend Lisa who gave me that gentle push I needed to finally follow my dream.  And in the end, finally following my dream has changed my life for the better in ways I never could have imagined. We all know how powerful it can be to follow our dreams.  And yet, for some reason we just don't seem to do it.  As I think back, I think for me it was a lack of clarity.  I didn't know where Kilimanjaro might take me or how it fit into the path I was already on with my life.  I should point out that I'm a pretty Type-A, structured, goal-oriented kind of guy.  Kilimanjaro and Tanzania were unknown quantities that I couldn't fully comprehend without actually going. As the years have passed I've come to realize how powerful friends and family can be in helping us follow our dreams.  It was Lisa who encouraged me to climb Kilimanjaro.  Years later my brother encouraged me to run the Chicago Marathon with him, another dream I'd harbored for years. With the encouragement and support of my friends and family I knew I could venture out into the uncharted waters of Tanzania without losing my connect to the world I already knew.  These people in our lives are the strong foundations that allow us to try new things and explore different aspects of our personalities. So if you've been nurturing a dream for a while and are wondering how to bring it to life, maybe you could start by sharing it with your friends, family or even co-workers.  Give them the opportunity to support you and help you make it happen.  And if you're friend or family member tells you about their dream, maybe that's an opportunity for you to be their safe-harbor, their strong foundation from which they can explore their own dreams. It's been years since I took that first step and followed my dreams to the top of Africa. And I can say with all conviction that I'm a better person for having done it.  Are you ready to follow your dream, or help someone you love follow theirs?
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